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All of this assessment material and resources is in addition to what we did in January. The January materials are stored under the title Growing Success in the left-side menu.

Click on this link to download the complete Formative Assessment article by Chris Suurtamm.
external image pdf.png Formative Assessment from OAME Gazette June 2008.pdf

Link to the Lorrie Shepard article The Role of Assessment in a Learning Culture

Ontario Assessment Policy Achievement and Supporting Learning

I've included some additional materials that you might find useful as you think about issues of assessment in senior math.
• A flowchart that helps sort out what you might look for in each Achievement Chart Category

* When writing Success Criteria for a Unit of Study you need to use the following tools in order to be sure you have evidence from students to mark a score for all 4 achievement chart categories:

Processes Rubric
Achievement Chart

Ideas for different ways of assessing:

Click on the following links to download the EQAO scoring samples.

• This is the sample we will use in class. external image pdf.png EQAO 2010 open question 6 student work.pdf

• A second sample. external image pdf.png EQAO 2010 open question 13 student work.pdf

The EQAO Grade 9 web page is
You can find other years' assessment booklets and scoring guides there.

Some additional readings on assessment and involving students in the process:

external image pdf.png Stiggins+2005+Student+involvement+assessment.pdf
external image pdf.png Leahy+2005+Classroom+assessment+minute+by+minute.pdf

This is the assessment document currently used in the western provinces and the territories. external image pdf.png WNCP Rethinking Assessment.pdf