Pose questions here for MaryLou and / or the whole crew...

MaryLou: Why am I having such a difficult time getting you folks to talk?

David L: MaryLou, I am planning to use GSP for my micro teaching, will I be able to display the program from my computer or should I put it on my usb?
Correction: I am using GSP for my micro teaching
MLK: too late now but yes, you did

Anthony L:
I was reading through some science blogs today and I came across this video about mathematics education by Dan Meyer:

MLK: Yes, I have seen it - glad you posted it. Hope others will watch.

I'm not sure if you all heard seen this video before but I completey agree on his views of mathematics education. Coincidentally, my microteaching goal that I did a few days ago completely reflected Dan Meyer's view on how students should be solving problems.
MLK: Good teaching strategy.