Files for Friday Jan 7, 2011

252 Bloor St W 3rd Floor Education Commons Lab 6

Handout - I will print a hard copy for each of you

GSP Reference Manual

GSP Quick Reference

GSP Learning Guide

GSP Teaching Math

Open the attached "Burning Tent Problem.gsp" file and read the question and instructions on the right side (you might have to scroll to find them).

  • Constructing Squares

Open the GSP file "4 squares.gsp", attached.

Four Squares
Four Squares 2

  • Notice that one of the "squares" is merely a drawing, while the other 3 are geometric constructions.

  • See if you can create your own "square" constructions. Challenge yourself to create as many as you can with the following constraints:
  • 1. Four equal sides, with dynamic, moveable angles (ie. a parallelogram)
  • 2. Four right angles, with different length and widths (ie. a rectangle)
  • 3. Four sides, two of which are always parallel (ie. a trapezoid)
  • 4. A true square with equal sides and angles, and variable (but equal) side lengths.
  • 5. A true square with fixed and equal sides and angles, and variable orientation (you can rotate it around one vertex)
  • 6. A true square with equal sides and angles, whose orientation is fixed (vertical and horizontal sides) but whose side lengths are variable but always equal to each other.
  • 7. A true square with equal sides and angles, but whose orientation and size are both variable.

  • In all cases, use the measurement tools to show that you've fixed certain constraints.

  • TIPS4RM gsp activities
Have a look at the GSP files (there are 18 GSP files) and the 3-part lessons which go with them in the TIPS4RM materials at the Ministry of Educaiton Website.

There is also some different TIPS4RM course material posted on the OAME website, select the grade you are interested in from the "GRADE SPECIFIC RESOURCES" panel... scroll down and it's on the right side.
  • Tour 7: Algebra Potpourri

We began this session by following step-by-step instructions from "Tour 7: Algebra Potpourri", which can be found in the "GSP Learning Guide" pdf on your Geometer's Sketchpad CD. For an extra challenge, try to set up the first file so that you can change the parameters using sliders, as shown in class.

  • Atomic Learning Website online training
To access free on-line training for the Geometer’s Sketchpad go to:

  • Log on: Ontario (Capital O)
  • Password: sketchpad

Technology Assignment